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Blue Rock Thrush

Blue Rock Thrush

This bird lives in mountainous regions and is a breeding resident on the Island and is best searched for in specific sites some of which are very well known. The Boquer Valley is a well known site and holds a few pairs which can be seen once through the gates and they have also been seen flying over the fields below. The Parc Natural de Llevant in the Arta Peninsula is also a good place to see them on a regular basis. Other sites to get good views are on the Formentor Peninsula and if you getting a boat trip to visit Dragonera, there is every chance you will see them there.

Another great site is Mortixt where they are readily seen and once when having a lovely Mallorcan lunch during a wine tour and guided bird trip here with Matt the editor of Birdwatching Magazine we had a sighting through the window on the building outside.

Technical description

Blue Rock Thrush (Monticola solitarius) is a species of chat. This thrush-like Old World flycatcher was formerly placed in the family Turdidae. Blue rock thrush breeds in open mountainous areas, usually higher than the breeding zone of the related common rock thrush. It nests in rock cavities and walls and usually lays 3-5 eggs. An omnivore, the blue rock thrush eats a wide variety of insects and small reptiles in addition to berries and seeds.

This is a starling-sized bird, 21–23 cm in length with a long slim bill. The summer male is unmistakable, with all blue-grey plumage apart from its darker wings. Females and immatures are much less striking, with dark brown upperparts and paler brown scaly underparts. Both sexes lack the reddish outer tail feathers of rock thrush.

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