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Bonelli’s Eagle

Bonelli’s Eagle

The Bonelli’s Eagle is a small to medium sized eagle that until recently was a summer migrant species which did not breed. However, that has all changed.

A conservation project called 'Life Bonelli’s' was formed in 2013 with the aim of strengthening the populations in Madrid Alava and Navarre. It also involved a reintroduction scheme of this species into the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca where it was extinct. 2015 saw its first breeding success with a chick raised. This project continues with a great deal of effort from the locals and several birds from mainland Spain being released each year after a period of acclimatisation to their new surroundings.

The project consists of the following:

  • The release into the wild of chicks hatched from captive breeding and chicks rescued from the wild.
  • The restoration of quality habitat suitable for the bird.
  • The adaption of overhead power lines to reduce the risk of fatalities.
  • The raising of awareness amongst sectors which can help and the general public.

As a migrant, this eagle can now be seen in various locations, one of the best being the Northern Tramuntana mountains. It has even been seen over Pollensa old town. The best sites, however, for birding walks, are the trail at Mortitx and the Cuber Reservoir.

Technical description

Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata) is a large bird of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae. This is a small- to medium-sized eagle at 55–65 cm (22–26 in) in length. The upperparts are dark brown, and the underside is white with dark streaks. The wings are relatively short and rounded. The long tail is grey on top and white below and has a single broad black terminal band. The feet and eyes are yellow. Immature birds have deep buff underparts and underwing coverts and have fine barring on the tail without the terminal band. The Bonelli’s eagle is usually silent except in display and near the nest. Its fluted klu-kluklu-kluee call is less shrill than that of its near relatives.

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