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Night Heron

Night Heron

The Night Heron is a very localised bird in Mallorca only found in the north of the island in two sites the S’Albufereta and the Albufera the last being far the best. Here there is a breeding colony by the side of the canal halfway down to the visitors centre on the right-hand side. They can also be seen by the small pools around the S’Albfureta but as frequently and not guaranteed. Outside of the breeding season, they remain as a colony with the juveniles which are dull and streaky compared with the adults and remain by the canal on the farside sitting low down in the hanging trees often about twelve are visible at any one time. They are also often photographed either in flight or sometimes perched on the overhead pylons in the area. Currently this winter there are about 30 birds including juveniles in the bushes overhanging the main canal and early in the morning, these can be seen flying along the canal.

Technical description

The Eurasian Night Heron being some 64 cm in length are very recognisable. They have a black crown and back with the remainder of the body being white and grey. As well as having red eyes they have three white plumes from the back of their head that are raised during courtship. Their build compared with most herons and egrets is quite stocky and only when fishing do they extend their necks. There is little difference in appearance in the sexes with the males slightly larger however the juveniles are grey-brown with spots on their upperparts and their chests are staked with brown. As well as having duller legs a yellow-green colour their eyes are orange.

They nest in colonies in groups of trees by the water where they build a nest of sticks and in some locations in the reeds and the clutch consists of between three and eight eggs.

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