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The Hoopoe is a resident breeding bird which is abundant all over the island and can be seen in many locations. The bird prefers scrubland and parkland but can be seen in other habitats including golf courses and hotel grounds. In Puerto Pollensa it can be found in the farmland at the bottom of the Boquer Valley and also at the side of the road next to the Pine Walk and a pair are often at the visitors centre at La Gola. I have seen them in many habitats including the mountains at Mortixt the scrubland at S’Abufereta and the derelict stone barn at the S’Albufera. On one occasion at Santanyi in the south on a piece of wasteland next o the graveyard we had fifteen at the same time. People staying in villas will often catch sight of them as they are a hole nesting bird often using the local cork and olive trees. They can be seen all over the island in the right habitat and around Can Picafort and Alcudia especially El Mal Pas and son Real are very good, The golf course at Alcanada is especially good for many species.

Technical description

Hoopoe (Upupa epops) is a colourful bird found across Afro-Eurasia, notable for its distinctive “crown” of feathers. The hoopoe is a medium-sized bird, 25–32 cm (9.8–12.6 in) long, with a 44–48 cm (17–19 in) wingspan. It weighs 46–89 g (1.6–3.1 oz). The species is highly distinctive, with a long, thin tapering bill that is black with a fawn base. The strengthened musculature of the head allows the bill to be opened when probing inside the soil. The hoopoe has broad and rounded wings.

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